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XXVi PREFACE TO strictness it carried abroad, appears rigour on its return home. That the attraction may be inviting, and the temptation considerable, is readily allowed ; but if once the rightness of an action should come to be determined by its pleasantness, an entirely new system of morals must be introduced amongst Christians ; the question then would be no longer, what ought we to do, but what should we like to do ? That the tempta- tion is not irresistible, appears in the self- denial of those who continue to withstand it : many who have felt the desire have prudently deferred its gratification to a safer season ; while others continue to doubt its general expediency. That many among our innumerable travellers, have gone abroad on the rea- sonable ground of health, as well as for the necessary purposes ofbusiness, is not to be doubted. And who will deny that some men of great ability and high prin- ciple, have gone with the meritorious