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XVill PREFACE TO they are really respectable ? They stay at home. Even if they d6 so with the same proud self-preference, which made ancient Rome call all the other nations of the world barbarians, it is at least an honest and a patriotic partiality. Would not the natives of our happy land, who have less to gain, and more to lose, do well to follow their example in this ho- nourable instance ? They prudently aug- ment the resources of their country in two ways, by spending their own money in their own land, with, the additional profit of holding out to us those allure- ments, which cause ours to be spent there also. 0 England ! model to thy inward greatness, Like little body with a mighty heart ! What might'st thou do that honour bids thee do, Were all thy children kind and natural ! But see, thy fault France bath in thee found out. SHAKSPEARE. While the pen is in the hand of the writer, fresh intelligence is brought of conspiracies forming in different parts of