More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

THE FIRST EDITION. XXVii desire of doing moral and religious good, in various directions ; and that they have, in no inconsiderable degree, effected it, or at least have opened a door for further improvement ? On the other hand, the disgraceful truth must not be concealed, that others have carried out more evil from home, than they found abroad. It would be uncharitable and unchris- tian, to desire to maintain a spirit of hos- tility between near neighbours ; but when neighbours have been so frequently on the alert to find pretences for disagree- ment, and national safety has sometimes been endangered by the quarrels of indi- viduals, will not good neighbourhood be more probably promoted by friendly dis- positions and mutual good offices on the respective shores, than by obtrusive visits, which, .if they were thoroughly liked, would doubtless be more frequently returned ? For is it not worthy of remark, that we konly refuse to imitate our continental neighbours, in the very point in which a 2