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XXX1V CONTENTS. REFLECTIONS ON PRAYER. Pagc On the Corruption of Human Nature 277 False Notions of the Dignity of Man, shown from his Helplessness and Dependence 295 The Obligation of Prayer universal. - Regular Seasons to be observed. - The Sceptic and the Sensualist reject Prayer 306 Errors in Prayer, which may hinder its being answered. - The proud Man's Prayer. - The patient Christian. - False Excuses under the Pretence of Inability - 322 God our Father.-. Our Unwillingness to please Him. -Formsof Prayer.-Great and Little Sins. - All Sin an Offence against God. - Benefit of habitual Prayer - 348 The Doctrine of imputed Sanctification, newly adopted. The old one of pro- gressive Sanctification newly rejected. - The adoption of the one and the re- jection of the other hostile to Prayer. - St. Paul's Character - 361 Character of those who expect Salvation for their good Works. - Of those who depend on a careless nominal Faith. -