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CONTENTS. XXXV Page Both these Characters unfavourable to Prayer. - Christianity a Religion of Love which disposes to Prayer, exhi- bited in a third Character - - 377 Prayer. - The Condition of its attendant Blessings. - Useless Contention about Terms 394 Vain Excuses for the Neglect of Prayer. - The Man of Business. - Case of Nehemiah. - Prayer against the Fear of Death. - Characters to whom this Prayer is recommended - 404 The Consolations of Prayer. - Its perpe- tual Obligation - 423 On intercessory Prayer - 441 The Praying Christian in the World. - The Promise of Rest to the Christian 451 The Lord's Prayer, a Model both for our. Devotion and our Practice. - It teaches the Duty of promoting Schemes to advance the Glory of God - 471 Conclusion - 496