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FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. the blessings we had anticipated did not return in her train Ease still recants Vows made in pain as violent and void. Were it not almost doubtful whether in some respects the change may have proved a benefit, if it should be found to be the choice between the two evils, the waste of human lives, or the decay of moral principles ? Some scrupulous per- sons may even think it requires no very correct arithmetic to determine on the comparative value of perishable lives and immortal souls. What then was the first use we made of a benefit so earnestly implored, -a blessing which we fondly flattered our- selves would be converted to so many salutarypurposes ? This peace, for which so many prayers were offered, so many fasts appointed ; - this peace, whose re- turn was celebrated by thanksgivings in every church, and, as we hope, in every