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FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. 5 house, and in every heart, to what pur- pose was its restoration devoted ? This peace was seized on, not as a means to repair, in some measure, the ravages which were made on the com- merce, the property, the comforts, as well as the population of our country ; but must it not, in many instances, be said truly, though most painfully said, to vary their nature, and enhance their malignity ? Instead of sedulously em- ploying it to raise us to our former situation by a. prudent restriction in our indulgences, by an increased residence in our respective districts; and an endeavour to lighten the difficulties of government, by the continued contribution of its rightful supplies ; - insteadof using it to mitigate the distresses, and to restrain the crimes of the lower orders, by living in the midst of them, each at his natural and appropriate station, and thus neu- tralising a spirit of disaffection, which took advantage only of their absence to break out ; - instead of improving its B3