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FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. 13 soling consideration in the instructors of our children. There is another grievance connected with this mania for whatever is foreign, - a grievance not the less serious because it is overlooked, and because it affects only a subordinate class in society; -weallude to the injury sustained by our domestic manufactures from the abundant impor- tation of French articles of dress and decoration. We forbear to enter on the subject in all its painful extent ; we for- bear to advert to the looms that are stand- ing still, to the gloominess of our trading streets, to the warehouses that are left solitary, to the shops which are nearly deserted ; and shall confine our humble remonstrances to pleading more particu- larly the distress of those unfortunate females who used to procure a decent support by their own industry, and of whom thousands are now plunging into Misery. We would fervently but respect- fidly advocate the cause of this merito- rious and most pitiable class.