More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

14 FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. If British patriotism be not a plea, suf- ficiently powerful to restrain a temptation, which can only be indulged by the viola- tion of laws, which perhaps the husbands and fathers of the fair offenders have es- tablished, we would appeal to the sensi- bilities a a well regulated hart, to the tenderness of an enlightened conscience, and to the dictates of justice and of cha- rity, whether it be pardonable to yield to every slight temptation, merely to gratify vanity, or, to speak more tenderly, to in- dulge a capricious taste. When tempted to make the alluring purchase by the superior beauty, real or imaginary of the article, might we not presume to recommend to every lady to put some such questions as the following to herself: By this gratification, illi- citly obtained, I not only offend against human laws, but against humanity itself; by this purchase I am perhaps starving some unfortunate young creature of my own sex, who gained her daily bread by weaving her lace.or braiding her straw.