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16 FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. been bred to no other means of gaining their support, will probably, if these fail, throw themselves into the very jaws of destruction. Think, then, with tender- ness, on these thousands of young per- sons of your own sex, whom a little self- denial on your part might restore to com- fort - might snatch from ruin. Many ladies, who make these unlawful pur- chases, do not want feeling, they only want consideration. Consider, then, we once more beseech you, consider, that it is not merely their bread, but their vir- tue, of which you may be unintentionally depriving them ; and you will find, that your error is by no means so inconsider- able as it may hitherto have appeared to you. If the superiority of the foreign pur- chase you are about to make be not great, you have gained' little or nothing by your fault ; if it is, and you forego it, you have gained a victory over your own inclination, - the victory of an honest principle over a misleading fancy.