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ITOTtEION ASSOCIATION. 15 I am driving her to that extremity of want, which may make her yield to the next temptation to vice, which may drive her to the first sinful means that may offer of procuring a scanty, precarious, and miserable support. It is in vain that I may have perhaps subscribed for her being taught better principles at school, that I have perhaps assisted in paying for her acquisition of her little trade, if by crushing that trade I now drive her to despair, if I throw her on a temptation which may overcome those better princi- ples she acquired through my means. Shall I not then make this paltry - this no sacrifice ? Shall I not obtain a victory over this petty allurement, whose conse- quences when I first gave way to it I did not perceive ?" The distress here described is not a picture drawn by the imagination, a touch of sentimentalism, to exhibit feel- ing, and to excite it. It is a plain and simple representation of the state of mul- titudes of young women, who, having