More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

18 FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. It cannot be taken by storm ; but, like that of Ilium, it may be taken by stra- tagem. The French are to us as much more formidable than the Greeks were to Rome, as we have more to lose. While our guardian genius remains inclosed within our walls, we shall be safe, in spite of wars and revolutions ; if we neglect it, like the besieged city of antiquity, we fall : losing our religion, we lose all with it. Religion is our compass, the only instrument for directing and deter- mining our course ; and though it will not save the trouble ofworking the ves- sel, nor diminish the vigilance of guard- ing against rocks and shoals yet it con- stantly points to that star which, by as- certaining our course, insures our safety. In making our country an island, Di- vine. Providence seems to have made a provision for our happiness as well as for our security. As that circumstance has protected us from the sword, it should also protect us from the manners of our con- tinental neighbours. The more England