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FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. 9 labours to resemble them, the more she will lose of her independent character. Le goiit du kroir is often mentioned as the distinctive mark of the country which produces certain wines. The British character, we hope, will always retain its indigenous flavour.. But if Britain, blest by Heaven above all the nations, ancient or modern, re- corded in the annals of history, sacred or profane, has not made the most of all the advantages bestowed on her ; if she has not yet made the best use of that' elevation on. which Divine Providence has placed her ; if she has not yet applied to the best possible ends, the rich gifts with which he has endowed her ; nor turned the provision made for her happi- ness to the best account : if, -standing on the loftiest summit of naval, military, and literary glory ; if, favoured.with the best civil and religious constitution the wit of man has yet devised ;- if with all. these advantages, she has yet some steps to ascend before she reach the height to