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FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. which the Almighty seems to have des- tined her, let her remember, she has re- sources within herself, by which, with the blessing of Him who conferred them, she may still set an example to all the kingdoms of the earth. We will not say she may acquire a superiority over other nations - of that she has long been in possession-No ; we must not try her by her comparative, but her positive merit not by placing her in juxta-position with other countries, but with the possibilities of her own excellence. Britain, we repeat, has abundant re- sources. If it be true that she has lately, in any respect, gone back, rather than advanced ; if, when her public character has reached its zenith, her private charac- ter is in anything deteriorated, she has still within herself all the materials of moral renovation ; ample means, not only of recovering what has been lost, but of rising to heights yet unattained. It is only to be wished that she may use these resources, and consider them as raw ma-