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111 iu 36 FRENCIT OPINION' in wit always confer superiority in hap, piness. A professed female wit, like a professed devotee to music, will be soon weary of Wasting her talent on her hus, band ; and even he though he might like such an occasional display in a visit to the house of his friend, will find other talents wanting in a constant home-com- panion ; talents which will not only em- bellish, but improve society ; qualities whichwill eclipse wit, and outlive beauty. We do not find that those brilliant French women, who had spoiled this sprightly writer for English society, re- served their wit for the entertainment of their husbands, or their learning for the instruction of their families. Their most graceful ethic and courtly poet, who had the best opportunities of ascertaining the real value of professed wits in society, has given his estimate in a single line : Diseurs de bons mots, fades earactres! Among other deductions frombrilliant society in England, this lively writer