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OE ENGLISII SOCIETY. 37 laments an evil, which; if things proceed as they have now begun,. we fear. may not always remain a subject of lament- ation, as coquetry is, in her recipe-book, the flavour which gives to society its poignancy : and this zest she complains is not to be found in England, except in the unmarried ! If, however, the grow- ing imitation of French manners should hereafter add this new savour to the real accomplishments of English ladies, their fathers and, husbands may not think it the most desirable finishing.. She ac- counts for the fondness of our ladies for foreign travel in a manner not the most flattering to their purity, by supposing it to arise as much froin the desire of es- caping from the restraint on their man- ners, as from the influence of the fogs on their constitutions.. She is at no loss to know the true cause of a fact, which we are entirely indebted to her sagacity for discovering: at all,. namely, why the disgust of life seizes on those women who are confined