BT763 O9 1677

76 General Confìderations previoufly nece fary ver. 13, 14. And on this account he had told them before, that it was expedient for them that he fhould go away, that the Holy Spirit might come unto them, whom he would fend from the Father, ver. 7. Hereunto he referred the full and clear manifefiation of the myfteries of the Gofpel. So falle as well as dangerous and fcandalous are thole infinuations of Socinus and his followers. Secondly, The Writings of the Evangelios are full unto their proper Ends and Purpofes. Thefe were to record the Ge- nealogy, Conception, Birth, Arh, Miracles and Teachings of our Saviour, fo far as to evince him to be the true only pro - mifed McJJias. So he teftifieth who wrote the laft of them. Many other fgns truly dicL jefus which are not written in this Book; But thefe are written that ye might believe that yefus is the Chriff the Son of God, Joh. 20. 30, 3t. Unto this End every thing is recorded by them that is needful unto the in- generating and eftablifhment of Faith. Upon this confirma- tion, all things declared in the Old Teoament concerning him, all that was taught in Types and Sacrifiëes became the objeft of Faith in that fence wherein they were interpreted in the Accomplifhment : And that in them this Do6trine was before revealed, thall be proved afterwards. It is therefore no won- der if force things, and thofe of the highefi importance, thould be declared more fully in other Writings of the New Teftament, then they are in thofe of the Evangelios. Thirdly, The Pretence it felf is wholly falfe. For there are as many pregnant Teftimonies given unto this Truth in one alone of the Evangelios, as in any other Book of the New Teftament ; namely in the Book of Yohn. I than refer to force of them which will be pleaded in their proper place, chap. I. 12, 17, 19. chap. 3. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 36. chap. 5.24. But we may pals this by, alone of thofe Inventionsvcon- cerning which Socinus boafts in his Epiftle to Michael i ajo- ditle,