BT763 O9 1677

78 General Canfrderationc previoufly necef a y Papißs, and afterwards againf£ the Socinians; and where this is granted, I will not contend with any man about his way of declaring' the Do &rine of it. And that I may add it by the way, we have herein the con - currence of the Fathers of the Primitive Church. For al- though by 7ufl'ifcation following the Etymology of the Latine word, they underfiood the making us Righteous with inter - nal perfonal Righteoufnefs, at leaft fòme of them did fo, as Auflin in particular, yet that we are pardoned and accepted with God on any other account, but that of the Righteouf- nefs of Chrift, they believed not. And whereas, efpecially in their Controverfie with the Pelagians after the riling of that Herege, they, plead vehemently that we are made Righ- teous by the Grace of God, changing our Hearts. and Natures, and creating in us a principle of fpiritual Life and Holinefs, and not by the endeavours of our own free will, or works performed in the ftrength thereof, their words and exprefïi- ons have been abufed contrary to their Intention and De- fign. For we wholly concur with them, and fubfcribe unto all that they difpute about the making of us perfonally Righteous and holy, by the effe &ual Grace of God, againft all merit of works and operations of our own free Will, ( our Sanaifi- cation being every way as much of Grace, as our Juftification properly fo called ) ` and that in oppofition unto the common Do &rive of the Roman Church about the fame matter ; only they call this our being made inherently and perfonally Righte- ous by Grace, fometiines by the name of yuflification whichwe do not. And this is laid hold on as an Advantage by thofe of the Roman Church who do not concur with them in the wayand manner whereby we are fo made Righteous. But whereas by our Juftification before God, we intend only that Righteoufner whereon our fins are pardoned, wherewith we are made Righteous in hip fight, or for which we are accepted as Righ- teous