BT763 O9 1677

i and Nature of it, declared. 95- the Effe &s it produceth, it is ufüally called temporary Faith ; for it is neither permanent againft all oppolitions, nor will bring any unto Eternal Ii:eft. The name is taken from that Expreffion of our Saviour, concerning him- who believeth< with this Faith, advg,tegs , Math. 13. 2 I. This Faith I grant, to be true in its kind, and -not meerly to be equivocally fó called ; it is not only An 4.eu16 vE.ce ; It is fo as unto the general nature of Faith; but of the ;fame fpecial nature with juftifying Faith it is not. JuftifyingFaiith is not an higher, or the higheft degree of this Faith, but is of another kind or nature. Wherefore fundrythings may be obfervedconcerning this Faith in the utmoft improvement of it unto our prefent purpofe. As, i. This Faith with all the effe &s of it, men may have and not be juftified; and if they have not a Faith of another kind they cannot be juftified. For Juttification is no where afcribed unto it, yea it is affirmed by the Apoftle James, That none can be juftified by it. 2. It may produce great Effeils in the Minds, Affe&i ®ns, and Lives of Men, although not one of them that are pecu- liar unto juffifying Faith. Yet fuch they may be, as that thofe in whom they are wrought may be, and ought in the Judgment of Charity to be looked on as true Believer& 3. This is that Faith which may be alone. We are jufti- fied by Faith alone. But we are not juftified by that Faith, . which can be alone. Alone, refpets its influence into our Juttification, not its nature and exiftence. And we abfo -- lutely deny that we can be juftified by that Faith which' can be alone, that is without a principle of fpiritual Life and uni verfal Obedience, operative in all the works of it, as. Duty loth require. Thefe things I have obferved, only to obviate that Calum- ny and Reproach which.fome endeavour to fix on the Do trine of Jar, flifícation by Faith only, through the Mediation of Chritt.