BT763 O9 1677

96 Yuf ifÿingFaith, théCaufes, ObjeEé, For thofè who affert it muff be Sogdian!, Antinomians, and know not what 5 fuch as oppofe or deny the neceffity of univerfal Obedience, or Good Works. Moff of them who manage it cannot but know in their own Confciences that this Charge is falíè. But this is the way of handling Contro- er1 es with many. They can aver any thing that feems to advantage the caufè they plead; to the great fcandál of Re- ligion. If by Solifidians they mean thofe who believe that Faith alone is on our part, the Means; Inffrument or Condi- tion (of which afterwards) of our Juffification, all the Prophets and Apofiles were fo, and were fo taught to be by = Jefus Chriff, as [hail be proved. If they mean, thofe who affirm that the Faith whereby weare juftified is alone, fepa -. r .ate or feparáble, from a principle and the fruit of Holy Obedience, they muff find them out themfelves, we know nothing of them. For we allow no Faith to be of the fame kind or nature with that whereby we are juffifièd, but what virtually and radically contains in it univerfal Obedience, as the effe& is in the caufe, the fruit in the Root, and which a &s it felf in all particular Duties, according as by Rule and Circumftances they are made fo to be Yea we allow no. Faith to be jufiifying, or to be of the fame kind with ir, which is not its felf and in its own nature a Jjñritually vital principle of Obedience and Good Works. And if this be not ;fùffici- ent to prevail with fine not to feek for advantages by filch íhameful calumnies, yet is it fo with others, to free their minds from any concernment in them. For the efpecial nature ofufíi lying Faith which we en- quire into, the things whereby it is evidenced may be redu- ced unto thefe four Heads. (r) The Caufes of it on the part of God. (2) What is in us previouJly required unto it. <3) The proper Oije& of ,it. (4.) Its proper peculiar A &s and Èffe&s. Which (hall be fpoken unto fo far as is necef= fary unto our prefent defign. I. The