BT763 O9 1677

104 yuflifying Faith, the Caufef, Obje &, follow the fulfilling of that Condition. Otherwife the Con- dition of it, it is not. But they may be all found where Ju- ftification doth not enfue. Wherefore there is no Covenant, Promife, or Conftitution of God, making them to be fuch Conditions of Juftification, though in their own nature they may be fubfervient unto what is required of us with refpe4t thereunto. But a certain infallible connexion with it by vir- tue of any Promife or Covenant of God (as it is with Faith) they have not. And other Condition, but what is conftituted and made to be fo by divine compa& or promife, is not to be allowed. For otherwife Conditions might be endlefly multiplied, and all things natural as well as moral made to be fo. So the meat we eat may be a Condition of Juftification. Faith and Juftification are infeparable, but fo are not Juftification and the things we now infift upon, as Ex- perience doth evince. 2. Juftification may be where the outward Ms and Duties mentioned, proceeding from Convi &ions under the condu& of temporary Faith are not. For Adam was Juftified with- out them, fo alto were the Converts in the Ads, chap. 2. For what is reported concerning them is all of it Effentially in- cluded in Convi &ion; ver. 37. And fo likewife was it with . the Jaylor ; AEIs 16. 30, 3 r. And as unto many of them, it is fo with moft that do believe. Therefore they are not Con - ditions. For a Condition fùfpends the Event of that where- of it is a Condition. 3. They are not formal diJJw/?tions unto Juftification, be- caufe it confifteth not in the Introdu &ion of any new form or inherent Quality in the Soul, as hath been in pàrt,already declared, and (hall yet afterwards be more fully evinced. Nor (4) are they moralpreparations for it ; for being ante- cedent unto Faith Evangelical, no man can have any defign in them, but only to fee& for Righteoufnfby the Work of the Law, which is no preparation unto Juftification. All Difco- veries