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and Nature of it declared. i 05 veries of the Righteoufnefs of God, with the Souls adhe- rence unto it, belong to Faith alone. There is indeed a Re- pentance which accompanieth Faith, and is included in the nature of it, at leafk radically. This is required unto our Ju- ftification. But that legal Repentance which precedes Gofpel Faith and is without it, is neither aDifpofition, Preparation, nor Condition of our Jullification. In brief; The order of thefe things may be obferved in the dealing of God with Adam, as was before intimated. And there are three degrees in it. (t) The Opening of the Eyes of the finner, to fee the filth and guilt of fin in the Sentence and Curfe of the Law applied unto his Confcience ; Rom. 7. 9, ao. This effe&s in the mind of the firmer the things before mentioned, and puts himupon all the Duties that (prang from them. For Perlons on their firíi Convi &ions ordinarily judge no more but that their Rate being evil and dangerous, it is their Duty to better it, and that they can or (hall do fo ac- cordingly, if they apply themfelves thereunto. But alltheie things as to a Prote &ion or Deliverance from the fentence of the Law, are no better then Figg-leaves and hiding. (2) Or- dinarily God by his Providene?, or in the Difpenfàtion of the Word, gives life and power unto this Work of the Law in a peculiar manner ; in anfwer unto the charge which he gave unto Adam after his Attempt to hide himfèlf. Hereby the mouth of the ,finner is flopped, and he becomes, as through - ly fenfible of his Guilt before God, fo fatisfied that there is no Relief or Deliverance to be expe&ed from any of thofe ways of förrow or duty that he hath put himfelf upon. (3) In this condition it is a meer Ail of Soveraign Grace, . without any refpe& unto thefe things foregoing, to call the limier unto Believing, or Faith in the Promifè unto the Jufdi- fication of Life. This is Gods order ; yet fo as that what precedeth his call unto Faith, bath no caufality thereof. 3. The next thing to be enquired into is the proper ObjeF, P of