BT763 O9 1677

Os- yufiify' Faith;. the Caufes, Oh jai with that very Faith whereby we are juftified, fo as that other things may well be aícribed unto it. 3. On there Conceffions we yet fay two things. (I) That the whole nature of juftifying Faith doth not confift meerly in an Ant of the mind, be it never fo firm and ftedfaft, nor whatever Effects of Obedience it may produce. (2) That in its Ditty and Office in juftification, whence it hath that efpecial denomination, which alone we are in the Explanati- on of, it doth not equally repeEl all divine Revelation as fuch,, but bath a peculiar Object propofed unto it in the Scripture: And whereas both theíè will be immediately evinced in our defcription of the prope Obje& arid Nature of Faith, I {hall at prefent oppofe fore few things unto this Defcription of them, fufficient to manifeft how alien it is from the Truth. I. This Affint is an A& of the underftanding only. An .AÉt of the mind with refpe& unto Truth evidenced unto it, be it of what nature it will. So we believe the worlt of things and the moft grievous unto us,_ as well as the bell and the ,moll ufeful. But Believing is an At`t` of the Heart, which in the Scripture comprizeth all the Faculties of the Soul, as one entire principle of moral and fpiritual Duties. . With the Heart Man believeth unto Righteoufnef, Rom. i o. r O. And it is frequently defcribed by an Ml of the Will, though it be not fo alone. ' But without _an:A& of the Will no man can believe as he ought. See Yoh. 5. 40.. yob. r. 12. chap 6. 35. We come to Chrift in an A& of the Will , and let whofoever will, come. And to be willing is taken for to believe, Pfal. 'lc). 3. and Unbelief is Difobedience, Heb. 3.. 18, 19. 2. All Divine Truth is equally the Obje& of this Affent. It refpe &s not the efpecial nature or ufe of any one Truth, be it of what kind it will, more than another , nor can it do fo, fence it regards only Divine Revelation. Hence that judos was the Tray tor mull have as great an influence into our juftífìcation,,as that Chrifi died for our fns. But how contra- ry i