BT763 O9 1677

and .Nature of it, declared. 107 obferve in relation unto it, whereby we may difcover what is of Truth in what they affert, and wherein it falls íhort thereof. Neither [hall I refpe t only them of the Roman Church, who require no more to Faith or Believing, but only a bare Affint of the mind unto divine Revelations, but them alto who place it wholly in fuch a firm Affent as produceth Obedience unto all divine Commands. For as it doth both there, as both thefe are included in it, fo unto the efpecial nature of it more is required. It is as juftifying neither a weer Affent nor any fuch firm degree of it, as fhould produce fuch effects. i. All Faith whatever is an A& of that power of our Souls in general, whereby we are able firmly to afént unto the Truth upon Teftimony, in things not evident unto us by Senfe or ik_eafon. It is the Evidence of things not fen. And all divine Faith is in general an Affent unto the Truth that is propofed unto us upon divine Teftimony. And hereby as it is commonly agreed, it is diftinguithed from Opinion and moral certainty on the one hand, and Science or Demonftra- tion on the other. 2. Wherefore in Juftifying Faith, there is an Affent unto all divine Revelation upon the Teftimony of God the Re- vealer. By no other A& of our mind, wherein this is not included or fuppofed, can we be juftified ; not becaufe it is not juftifying, but becaufe it is not Faith. This 'Tent I fay is included in Juftifying Faith. And therefore we find it of ten fpoken of in the Scripture ( the Inftances whereof are gathered up by Bellarmin and others) with refpeóc unto other things, and not reftrained unto the efpecial promife of Grace in ,Chrift, which is that which they oppofe. But be- fides, that in molt places of that kind, the proper Object of Faith as Juftifying is included and referred ultimately unto, though diverfly expreffed by fbme of its Caufes or concomi- tant Adjuncts,, it is granted that we believe all divine Truth, P 2 with