BT763 O9 1677

and Nature of it, declared. i o 9 ry this is unto the Scripture, the Analogy of Faith, and the Experience of all that believe, needs neither Declaratiónnor Confirmation. 3. This Affent unto all Divine Revelation may be true and fincere, where there hath been no previous work of the Law, nor any Çonvidion of fin. No fuch thing is required thereunto, nor are they found inmany who yet do fo affent unto the Truth. But, as we have Ihewed, this is necefhary' unto Evangelical Juftifying Faith ; and to fuppofe the eon- trary is to overthrow the order and ufe of the Law and Goff pel, with their mutual' Relation unto one another in fubfer- viency unto the defign. of God in the Salvation of Sinners. 4. It is not a way of feelzing Relief unto' a convinced fin ner, whole month s flopped, in that he is become guilty be- fore God. Such alone are capable Subjects of Juftification, and do or can Peek after it in a due manner. A meer Ant unto Divine Revelation is not peculiarly fuited to give filch perlons Relief. For it is that which brings them into that condition from whence they are to be relieved. For the knowledge of fin is by the Law. But Faith is a peculiar a&ing of the Soul fore Deliverance. 5. It is no more then what the Devils themfelves may have, and have, as the Apoflle James affirms. For that Inflance of their 13élieving one God, proves that they believe all() what- ever this one God who is the firfi Effential Truth Both reveal, to be true. And it may confift with all manner of wicked - nefs, and without any. Obedience ; and fo make God a liar, Joh. 2. q.. And it is no wonder if men deny us to be jufti fled by Faith, who know no other Faith but this. 6. It no way anfwers the Defcriptions that are given of juflifying Faith in the Scripture. Particularly it is by Faith as it is juftifying that we are laid to receive Chrifl ; Job. 1.12. Col. 2. 6. To receive the Promife, the Word, the Grace. of God, the Attonement, Jam. I. 21. Yoh.- 3.33. A. 2.. 41. chap.