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116 7n.fliJ ing Faith, the Caufès, Obi «i, =confift therein. Wherefore fo far as the Promifes concur to the compleat O.bjeïl of Faith, they are confidered materially alto, namely, as they contain, propofe, and exhibit Chrift unto Believers. And in that fenfè are they frequently affir- med in the Scripture to be the Objeîl of our Faith unto the Juftification of Life, Act. 2.39. Ad. 26.6. Rom. 4. i6, 20. chap. 15. 8. Gal. 3. z 6,, i 8. Heb. 4. T. chap. 6.. 13. chap. 8. 6. chap. 10. 3 6. 4. The End for which the Lord Chrift in the Work of his Mediation is the Ordinance of God, And as fuch propo- fed in the Promifes of the Gofpel, namely, theeRecovery and Salvation of loft fanners,, belongs unto the Obje& of Faith as Juftifying. Hence the forgivenef of fin and Eternal Life are propofed in the Scripture as things that are to be believed unto Juftification, or as the Obje& of our Faith, Math. 9. 2. Act. 2..38, 39. chap. 5..3r.. chap. .26..t8.. Rom. 3. 25. chap. 4.7, 8. Col. 2. 13. Tit. I. 2. &c. And whereas the Juft is to live. by his Faith, and every one is to believe for himíèlf, or make an Applicationof the things believed unto his own We- hoof, fame from hence have affirmed the'', pardon of our ,own ßns,, and our own Salvation to be the proper Objeét of Faith, and indeed it doth belong thereunto when in the way and order of God and the Gofpel we can attain unto it, i Cor. 15 3,4. Gal. 2., 20. Ephef i. 6, 7. Wherefore afferting the Lard.yefiir Chrifi in the Work of his Mediation to be the ObjeEl of Faith unto jujlif¡eationy. dude, therein the Grace of 'God which is the Caufe, the par- don of fin which is the Effeá, and the Promifes . of the Gof- pel which are, the means of communicating; Chrift and the benefit of his Mediation unto -us. And all,thefe things are fo united, fä. intermixed in their cutua1.R.elations and Refpeèts, fo concatenated in the pun.; pofe,of God, and the Declaration made of his Will in the Capgi,, as tbat.the, Believing ,of any one of there doth virtually iii.