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and Nature óf it, declared I 17 include the belief of the reft. And by whom any one of them is disbelieved, they fruftrate and make void all the reft, and fo Faith it felf. The due Confideration of there things folveth all the DDif -- fiéaslties that arife about the nature of Faith, either from the Scripture, or from the Experience of themthat believe, with refpe& unto its Object. Many things in the Scripture are we laid to believe with it and by it, and that untòhyuf ificatiom. But two things are hence evident. (z) That no one of them can be afferted to be the compleat adequate Obje& of our Faith. (2) That none of them are fo.abfolutely, but as they relate unto theLord Chrift, as the Ordinance of God for our Juftification and Salvation. And this anfwereth the Experience of all that do truly be- lieve. For there things being united and made infeparable in the conftitution of God,. all. of them_are virtually inclu- ded in every one of them. (z) Some fix their Faith and. Truft. principally on the Grace, Lave, and Mercy of God ;. efpecially they did fo under the Old Teftament, before the clear Revelation of Chrift. and his Mediation. So Aid the Pfalmift, Pfal. r.3o. 34. Pfih 33,. z 8, _a 9. And the 'Publican, Luke z8. 13. And.thefe are in places of the Scripture innu merable propofed . as . the Caufes of our Juftification. See Rom. 3. 24.- Ephef. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Tit. 3. 5, 6, 7. But this they do not abfolutely,. but.with refpe& unto the Redemption that, is in the Blood _ of Chrif ;. Dan. 9. 17.. Nor. Both the Scripture anywhere propofe them unto- us, but under. than confideration., See Rom,.3. 24,,25. Ephef 1. 6, 7, 8., For this is the caufe, way and means of the communication of that Grace, Love,,. and Mercy unto .us.. (2), Some place and fix them principally on the Lord Chrift, his Mediation and the.:. Benefits thereof This the Apoftle Paul pròpofeth frequent - ly unto us in his own Example. See Gal. 2. 20. Phil. 3. 8 9 10., But.this.they do nox.abfolutely,, but with refpe&, tints) the;