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yttilifying Faith, the Caufes, Oh jet I, the Grace and Love of God whence it is that they are given and communicated unto us, Rom. 8.32. Joh. 3. r.6. Ephef. Y. 6, 7, 8. Nor are they otherwife any where propofed unto us in the Scripture as the Obje& of our Faith unto Juftification. (3) Some in a peculiar manner fix their Souls in Believing on the Promifes. And this is exemplified in the Infiance of Abraham, Gen. d 5. 16. Rom. 4. 20. And fo are they pro - poled in the Scripture as the Obje& of our Faith, Act. 2. 39. Rom. 4. 16. Heb. 4. I, 2. chap. 6. 12, 13. But this they do not meerly as they are Divine Revelations, but as they contain and propofe unto us the Lord Chilli and the Benefits of his Mediation, from the Grace, Love, and Mer- cy of God. Hence the Apoftle difputes at large in his Epiflle :into the Galatians, That if Juftification be any way but by the Prornif , both the Grace of God, and the death of Chrift are evacuated and made of none effe&. And the Reafon is, becaufe the Promife is nothing but the way and means of the Communication of them unto us. (4) Some fix their Faith on the things themfelves which they aim at ; namely, the pardon of (in and Eternal Life. And thefe alto in the Scrip- ture are propofed unto us as the Obje& of our Faith, or that which we are to believe unto Juftification, Pfal. 130.4. Act. 26. 18. Tit. I. 2. But this is to be done in its proper order, efpecially as unto the Application of them unto our own Souls. For we are no where required to believe them, or our own Intereft in them, but as they are effe &s of Grace, and Love of God, through Chrift and his Mediation propofed in the Promifes of the Gofpel. Wherefore the Belief of them is included in the Belief of thefe, and is in order of nature antecedent thereunto. And the Belief of the forgiveneß of fins and Eternal Life, without the due Exercife of Faith in. thole Caufes of them, is but Prefumption. I have therefore given the entire Object of Faith as Jufii- fying, or in its Work and Duty with refpea unto our Jufti- fication,