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unto yuf ification. How a condition of the New Covenant. Per - feverance in Obedience, is fo alfo. Definitions of Faith. Pag. 125. CHAP. III. of Faith in yuf ifcation ; various Conceptions about it. By whomarted, as the Infirument of it, by whom denied. In what fenfe it is affirmed fò to be. The expreffions of the Scri- pture, concerning the ufe of Faith in uflification, what they are ; and how they are bell explained. By an Inflrumental Caufe. Faith, how the Infirument of God in luflification. How the Infirument of them that do believe. The ufe of Faith expreffed in the Scripture, by apprehending, receiving ; declared by an In- firument. Faith in what fenfe the condition of our luilifica- tion. Signification of that Term whence to be Learned. Pag. 146. CHAP. I V. The proper fenfe of theft words, Ju. lifacation and ifae; conf dered. Necety thereof. Latine derivation o i cati- on. Some of . the Antients deceived by it. From Jus, and Juftum ; Jutlus filius, who. The Hebrew pm n. Z fe and ignification of it. Places where it is ufed, examined. 2 Sam.i g. 4. Deut. 21. 5. Prov. 17. i5. Ifa. 5. 23. Chap. 5 0 i King.8. 3i, 32. 2 Chro. 6.22, 23. Pfal.82. 3. Exod.23.7. Ifa. 53. ". Jere. 44.16. Dan. 12. 3. The conf ant fenfe of the word, evinced. .piYy,bw, Vie' of it in other Authors; to punifh. What it is in the New Teftament, Matth. i i. 19. Chap.]. 2. 37. Luk.7.29. Chap.' o. 29. Chap.' 6. 15. Chap.' 8. 14. A &s 13. 38, 39. Rom.2. 13. Chap.3. 4. Conflantly ufed in a forenfickfenfe. Places feemingdubious, vindicated. Rom.8. 3o. I Cór.6. i i. Tit.3. 5, 6, 7. Revel. 22. II. How often theft words d`0,,vtr and Piko.166E w, are ufed in the New Teftament. Con Slant