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The S jttire ofJuf ifil ing raitb.. i 27 requires, accepts and approves unto Salvation, is revealed from Faith unto Faith,Rom. i. r 7. This is the Record of God there- in that he háth given unto to Eternal Life, and this Life is in his Son, i gob. 5. i o. So yoh. 3. i 4, 15, i 6, i 7. The Words of this Life, A. 5. 20. All the Counfel of God, Act. 20.27. Wherefore in the Difpenfátion or Preaching of the Gofpel,., this way of Salvation is propofed unto , (inners, as the great Etfe& of divineWifdom and Grace. Znbelief is the Rejection, Negle0, Non- admiffion, or Difapprobatinn of it, on the Terms whereon, and for the Ends for which it is fo .propofed. The Unbelief of the Pharifies upon the preparatory Preach- ing of john the Baptift is called the rejecting of the Counfel of God again( themfelves, that is, unto their own Ruine, Luke 7. 3o. They would none of my Counfel, is an Exprefüon to the fame purpofe, Prov. i. 3o. fo is, the neglecting of this great .Salvation, Heb. 2. 3.. Not giving it that Admiffion which the Excellency of it doth require. A difallowing of Chrift The Stone tvá db141.aaav ái iixadbµúv7Es, i Pet. 2. 7. The Builders difapproved of, as not meet for that Place and Work where- unto it was defigned, Mt. 4. 14. This is. Unbelief To dif approve of Chrift and the Way of Salvation by him; as not anfwering Divine Wifdom nor fuited unto. the End defigned. So is it defcribed by the refufng or not receiving of him, all to the Erne purpofe. What is intended will be more Evident, if we confider the. propofal'of the Gofpel'where it iffued in `Unbelief, in the firfc preaching of it, and where it continueth 1till fo to do., I. Molt of thofe who rejected the Gofpel by their.Ville- lief did it under this notion, that the way of Salvation and Eleffednefs propofed therein, was not a way. anfwering Di-- vine Goodnef and Power, f ich as they might fafely Confide in and Truft unto. This the Apoftle declares at large, C.91% 1. fo he expreffeth it, ver. 23, 24. We Preach Chrif crucified u n.- to the Dews a ffhmbfing block, and unto. the. Greeks- foolzjlnr4: Butt