BT763 O9 1677

z t8 The Aature of yulifying Faith. But unto them that are called both Jews and Greefs, Chrift the Power of God, and the Wifdom of God. That which they declared unto them in the preaching of the Gofpel was, That Chrift died for our fins according to the Scripture, chap. 15. 3. Herein they propofed him as the Ordinance of God, as the great effe& of his Wifdom and Power for the Salvation of iinners. But as unto thole who continued in their Unbelief, they reje &ed it as any fùch way, efleeming it both Weafnef and Folly. And therefore he defcribeth the Faith of them that are called by their Approbation of the Wifdom and Power of God herein. The want of a comprehenfion of the Glory of God in this way of Salvation, reje&ing it thereon, is that Unbelief which ruines the Souls of men, 2 Cor. 4. 3, 4. So is it with all that continue Unbelievers under the pro - pofal of the Obje& of Faith in the Preaching of the Gofpel. They may give an Affent unto the Truth of it, fo far as it is a meer A& of the mind ; at leafi they find not themfelves concerned to reje& it. Yea they may Affent unto it with that Temporary Faith which we defcribedbefore, and perform many Duties of Religion thereon. Yet do they manifeft that they are not fincere Believers, that they do not believe with the Heart unto Righteoufnef, by many things that are .irreconcileable unto, and inconfiftent with Jufliiying Faith. The Enquiry therefore is, wherein the Unbelief of fuch per - fons on the Account whereof they perifh, doth confit, and what is the formal nature of it. It is not as was faid, in the want of an Affint unto the Truths of the Do&rine of the Gofpel ; for from fuch an Affent are they laid in many places of the Scripture to believe, as bath been proved. And this Affent may be fò firm, and by various means fo radicated in their minds, as that in Teflimony unto it they may give their Bodies to be burned ; as men alfo may do in the confirmation of a falle perfwafion. Nor is it the want of an efecialfidu- ciary Application of the Promifes of the Gofpel unto them- felves,