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Coal ant fenfe of this. The fame evinced, from what is oppofed unto it, Ifa. 50.8. Prov, i 7. i5. Rom.5. 16, 18. Rom.8. 33, 34 And the Declaration of it in Terms equivalent. Rom. 4. 6, 7. Rom.5.9, Io. 2 Cor.5. 20, 21. Matth.I. 21. A &s i 3. 39. Gal.2. 16, &c. Juflifrcation in the Scripture, propofed under a juridical Scheam, and of a foren [ic(Title. The Parts and Pro grefs of it. Inflances from the Whole. Pag.169. &c. CHAP. V. Diflinetion of a Firs', and Second yuffification. The whole Doc?rine of the Roman Church concerning Jus',ifieation ground- ed on thisDifiinelion. The Fir.', Juftification, the nature and caufes of it according unto the Romanifts. The Second Juili- fication, what it is in their fenfe. Solution of the feeming Dif- ference between Paul and James, falfly pretended by this Dì- f incion. The fame Disiinc`iion received by the Socinians, and others. The latter termed by fame, the continuation of our julii- frcation. The Diinition dif roved. Juflifration con/idered, . either as unto- its Effénce, or its Manifefiation. The Mani fella- tion of it twofold, initial and final. Initial is either unto our [eelves, or others. No Second juilifrcation hence infix!. ju.fii- featinn before God, Legal and' Evangelical. Their dif inct na- tures. The Difintlion mentioned, derogatory to the Merit of Chri i. More in it afcribed unto our felves, then unto the Blood of hrifl, in our juflification. The vanity of Di fputations to this purpofi. All true Juflification, overthrown by this Diflincii- on. No countenance given unto this yuf1ification in the Scri- pture. The Second 7uflification not intended by the Apoftle James. Evil of Arbitrary Diflin5lions. Our Firfi jus',ification fo defcribecl in the Scripture, as to leave no room for a Second. Of the Continuation of our juilifacation : Whether it depend on Faith alone, or our Perf nal Righteoufne f inquired. yu li -. fication at once compleated in all the Caufes and Effec',s of it, proved' kialsesmoted