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proved at large. Believers upon their yuflifi'cation, obliged unto perfect Obedience. The commanding Power of the Law con - ftitutes the nature of Sin in them , who are not obnoxious unto its curfè. Future Sins, in what f nfe remitted at our Firs` aifréation. The Continuation of Actual Pardon, and there- by of ajuftifted Eftate, on what it doth depend. Continuation of :uftification, the act of God ; whereon it depends in that fenfe. On our part it depends on Faith alone.- Nothing required here -' unto, but the Application of Righteoufnefs' imputed. The. Con- tinuation of cur Juftijcation is before God. That whereon the Continuation 'of our juftification depends, pleadable before God. This not our Perfonal Obedience proved. (I.) By the experi- ence of all Believers. (2.) Teflimonies of Scripture. (3.) Ex- amples. The D findionmentioned rejected. Pag.189. CHAP. VI. Evangelical Perfonal Righteoufne , the nature and ufe of it. Whether there be Evangelical lufhfication on our Evangelical Righteoufnefs inquired into. How this is by force affirmed and applauded. Evangelical Perfonal Righteoufnefs afférted as the condition ofour Legal Righteoufne.?, or the Pardon of Sin. O- pinion of the Socinians. Perfonal Righteoufnef required in the Qofpel. Believers hence denominated Righteous. Not with re- ;p ect unto Righteoufnef habitual, but actual only. Inherent Righteoufnefs thefame with.Sanctification or Holinef . In what fenfe we may be Paid to be juftifed by Inherent Righteoufnef No Evangelical 7uJtifi'cation on our Perfonal Righteoufnefs. The. Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift doth not depend there - on. None have this Righteoufnefs, but they are antecedently juftified. A charge before God, in all juftifeation before God. The Infirument of this charge 5 the Law or the Gofpel. From neither of them can we be jullif ed by this Perfonal Righteouj vet.. The 5u.sliftéation pretended needlefs and ufelef. . It hat h