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Roni. 4. Difference between the Imputation of any Works of ours, and of the Righteoufnef of God. Imputation of Inherent Righteoufnef, is Ex Juftitia. Inconu%flency of it, with that which is Ex mera Gratia. Rom. r i. 6. .Agreement of both kinds of Imputation. The true nature of f the Imputation of Righteoufnefs unto yuflification, explained. imputed of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift. The thing it felf , not efjétlof it ; proved againfl the Socinians. Pag. 226. CHAP. VIII. Imputation of Sin unto Chrifl. Teflimonies of the Antients unto that purpofe. Chrft and the Church, one Myflical Perfon. Miflakes about that State and Relation. Grounds and Rea - fons of the Union, that is the foundation of this Imputation. Chrifl the Surety of the New Covenant 3 in what fenfe, unto what ends. Heb. 7.22. opened. Makes about the Caufes, and Ends of the Death of Chri fi. The New Covenant in What a fenfe alone procured and purchafed thereby. Inquiry whether the Guilt of our fins, was imputed unto Chrifi. The meaningof the words, Guilt and Guilty. The Di, flintlion of Reatus culpa and Reatus pænæ, examined. Aa of God in the Imputation of the Guilt of our Sins unto Chrill. Objet` lions againfl it, anfwered. The Truth confirmed. Pag. 246. CHAP. IX. Principal ControverTes about 7i111ifréation. (r.) Concerning the nature of yuflifacátion, flated. (2.) Of the Formal Càufe of it. (3.) Of the Way whereby we are made partakers of the Benefits of the Mediation of Chris' I. What intended by the Formal Cauf of 7ullifa :cation, declared. TheRighteoufnefs on. the account whereof Believers are jurfifzed before God, alone, inquired after under thole Terms. This the Righteoufnef of Chrij4