BT763 O9 1677

General Conßder ations prevaoufly necef dry and minds of Believers, (which is the life and foul of teach- ing things pra&ical) than in the molt accurate Philofophical expreffions, is himfelf really ignorant of the whole, Truth in this matter. The Propriety of fuch Expreffions belongs, and is confined unto natural fcience ; but fpiritual Truths are to be taught not in the words which mans wifdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghofi teacheth, comparing fpiritual things with fpiritual. God is wifer then man ; and the Holy Ghofi knows better what are the molt expedient ways for the Illu- mination of our minds with that knowledge of Evangelical Truths, which it is our Duty to have and attain, then the wifeft of us All. And other knowledge of, or skill in thefe things, then what is required of us in a way of Duty, is not to be valued. It is therefore to no purpofe to handle the myfteries of the Gofpel, as if Holcot and Bricor, Thomas and Gabriel, with all the Sententiarifts, Summifis, and Quodlibetarians_ of the old Roman Peripatetical School, were to be raked out of their Graves to be our guides. Efpecially will they be of no ufe unto us, in this Dottrine of Juflification. For where- as they pertinacioufly adhered unto the Philofophy of Ari- flotle, who knew nothing of any Kighteoufìiefs, but what is an habit inherent in our felves, and the As ofit,they wrefted the whole Do &rinè of Juftification unto a compliance there - withall So Pighius himfelf complained of them , Controv. 2. Dimulare non poffumus, hanc vel primam doeirime Chrifliare partem (de Juftificatione) obfcuratammagic quant illuflratam a fiholaflicis, f inoffs plerifq; gneflionibus, & definitionibus, fe- cundum pas nonnt lli magna fnpercilio primam in omnibus auto- ritatem arrogantes, &c. Secondly, A due confderation of him with whom in this mat- ter we have to do, and that immediately, is neceffary unto a right Rating of our thoughts about it. The Scripture ex- preffeth it emphatically, that it is God that juflifieth, Rom. 8. 33.