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to the Explanation of the DoElrine, &e. 9 33. And he affumes it unto himfelf as his Prerogative, to do what belongs thereunto., I,'even I am he that blatteth out thy tranreffions for mine own fa0, and will not remember thy fns, Ifa. 43. 25. 'And it is hard in my Apprehenfion, to fug eft unto him, any other reafon or confideration of the pardon of our fins ; feeing he bath; taken it on him to do it for his own fake, that is, for the Lords fake, Dan. 9. 17. in whom . all the feed of Ifrael are fulfilled, Ifa. 45. 25. In his fight, be- fore his Tribunal it is, that men are juttified or condemned, Pfal. 143. 2. Enter not into judgement with thy fervant ; for in THY SIG HT Jh. all no man living be juflifièd. And the whole work of Juftification, with all that belongeth there- unto, is reprefented after the manner of a juridical procee- ding before Gods Tribunal, as we {hall fie afterwards. There- fore faith the Apoftle, by the deeds of the Law fhalt no fly') be juflified in his fight ; Rom. 3. 2o. However any may be ju ftified in the fight of Men or Angels by their own Obedi- ence or Deeds of the Law, yet in His Sight none can be fo. Neceffary it is unto any man who is to come unto a Trial, in the fèntence whereof he is greatly .concern'd, duely to confider the judge before whom he is to appear, and by whom his caute is finally to be determined. And, if we manage our Difputes about JuJ1ication without a continual regard unto Him, by whom we mutt be caft or acquitted, we {hail not rightly apprehend what our Plea ought to be. s Wherefore the Greatnefs, the Majefty, the Holinefs, and So- veraign Authority of God, are always to be prefent with us in a due fènfe of them, when we enquire how we may be juftified before him. Yet is it hard to difcern how the minds of fome men are influenced by the confideration of thefe things, in their fierce contefts for the Intereft of their own works in their Juftification g precibus ant precio ut in ali- qua parte hereant. But the Scripture doth reprefent unto us what thoughts of him, and of themfelves, not only Sinners,. C but