BT763 O9 1677

I o GeneralConffdemons previonfly necefary but Saizts alfó, have had, and cannot but have upon near Difcoveries and effe&ual Conceptions of God and his Great - nee. Thoughts hereof enfùing on a fenfe of the guilt of fin, filled our firft Parents with fear and fhame, and put them on that foolifh attempt of hiding themfelves from him. Nor is the wifdom of their pofterity one jot better -under their Convictions, without a dilcovery of the Promife. That alone makes (inners wife, which tenders them relief. At prefent, the Generality of men are fecure, and do not much queftion but that they {hall come off well enough one way or other in the Trial they are to undergo. And as fuch perfons are alto- - gether indifferent what Doftrine concerning f a flit cation is taught and received fo for the moft part for themfelves, they encline unto that Declaration of it which belt fuits their own Reaion, as influenced with felf-conceit, and cor- rupt Affections. The fum hereof is, that what they cannot do themfelves, what is wanting that they may be fàved, be it more or lee, {hall one way or other be made up by Chrift, either the life or the abufe of which perfwafion is the grea- tft fountain of fin in the world, next unto the Deprava_ fion of our nature. And whatever be, or may be preten- ded unto the contrary, Perfons not convinced of fin, not humbled for it, are in all their Ratiocinations about fpiri- tual things, under the condu& of Principles fo vitiated and corrupted. See Mat. 18. 3,4. But when God is pleated by any means to inanifeft his Glory unto finners, all their prefidences and contrivances do iffue in dreadful horrour and diftref. An account of their Temper is given us Ifa. 33. 14. The (in- ners in Sion are fr'aid, fear fialsìefr bath firrprixed the Hypocrites, who among ats(hall dwell with the devouring fire ? who ainorrg us (hall dwell with Everlafling bur»ings ? Nor is it thus Only with force peculiar fort of finners. The' fàme will be the Thoughts of all guilty perfòns at time time or another. For thole who through fenfuality, fecurìty, or litperfiition, do hide