BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Dorine, &c. I hide themfelves from the vexation of them in this work,, will not fail to meet with them when their Terrour fhall be encreafed, and become remedilefs. Our God is a coy f;mii fire ; and men will one day find, how vain it is to fet their Briars and Thorns againft him in battle array. And we may fee what extravagant contrivances convinced finners will put themfelves upon, under any real view of the Majefly and Holinefs of God ; Micah 6. 6, 7. Wherewith ( faith one of them fhalI-come before the Lord, and bow my felt before the high Lod ? fhall I come before him with Bernt- offerings, with Calves of a year old ? will the Lord be pleat d with thoufands of Rams, or with ten thoufands of Rivers of Oyl ? "hall I give my All born for my tranf reffìon, the fruit of my body for the fin of my Sold. Neither {hall I ever think them meet to be 'contended withall about the Igo&rinè of f uftification, who take no notice of thefe things, but rather defpifèthem. This is the proper effe& of the Conviction of fm, ftreng- thened and fharpened with the confideration of the Terrour of the Lord, who is to judge concerning it. And this is that which in the Papacy meeting with an Ignorance of the Righteoíufnefs of God,hath produced innumerable fuperftitious Inventions for the appeafing of the Confciences of men, who by any means fall under the Difquietments of fuch Convi- &ions. For they quickly fee that none of the Obedience which God requireth of them, as it is performed by them, will juftifie them before this high and holy God. Wherefore they feek for {helter in contrivances about things that he hath not commanded, to try if they can put a cheat upon their Confciences, and find relief in Diverfions. Nor is it thus only with profligate (inners upon. their Con - vl&ions ; but the bell of men, when they have had near and efficacious Reprefentations of the Greatnefs, Holinefs, and Glory of God, have been cart into the deepeft felt abafe- ment, and molt ferious Renunciations of all .trua or confi- C 2 dence