BT763 O9 1677

t 2 General Confiderations previoujy necefary dence in themfelves. > So the Prophet If iah upon his vifion of the Glory of the Holy One, cried out, Woe is me, I am undone, becaufe I am a man of unclean bps, chap. 6. 5. nor was he relieved but by an Evidence of the free pardon of fin, ver. 7. So Holy yob in all his contefts with his Friends who charged him with Hypocri(îe, and his being a firmer guilty in a peculiar manner above other men, with Allred confidence and perfeverance therein juffified his fincerity, his Faith and Truft in God, againft their whole charge and every parcel of it. And this he doth with filch a full fàtisfa Lion of his own In- tegrity, as that not only he infifts at large on his vindication, but frequently appeals unto God himfelf , as unto the Truth of his Plea. For he direétly púifues that counfel with great Affurance which the Apoftle James fo long after gives unto all Believers , nor is the Doëtrine of that Apoli le more emi- nently exemplified in any one inftance throughout the whole Scripture then in him. For . he fheweth his Faith by his works, and pleads his. Juftification thereby. As Job Jufti- fied himfelf , and was. Juftified by his works, fo we allow it the Duty of every Believer to be. His plea for Juftifica- tion by works, in the fènfe wherein it is fo, was the molt .Roble that ever was in the world, nor was ever any contro- verfie managed upon a greater occafion. At length this Job is called into the immediate prefence of God, to plead his own caufe , not now as ftated between him and his Friends, whether he were an Hypocrite or no, or whether his Faith or Truft in God was fincere but as it was ftated between God and him, wherein he feemed to have made force undue Affumptions on his own behalf. The Que- Ilion was nowreduced unto this , on what Grounds he might or could be juf ified in the light of God:? To prepare his mind unto a right Judgement in this cafè, God manifefts his Glory unto him, and Mardis him in the Greatnefs of His Majefty and Power. And this he doth by a multiplication of Inftances, be-