BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Dolrine, &c. r ,a becaufe under our. Temptations we are very flow in admit- ting right conceptions of God. Here the Holy man quickly acknowledged, that the flate.,of the cafe was utterly altered. All his former pleas of Faith, Hope, and Trull in God, of fincé- rity in Obedience, Which with fo much earneftnefs he before in- f fted on, are now quite laid afide. He faw well enough that they were not pleadable at the Tribunal before which he now appeared, fo that God fhould enter into Judgment with him. thereon, with refj e& unto his Juftification. Wherefore in the deepeft. felf -abat anent and abhorrency, he betakes himfélf unto SoveraignGrace and Mercy. For then yob anfwered the Lord and Paid, behold I am vile, what 'hall I anfiver thee; I will lay mine' hand upon my mouth; once have I fpoken, but I will not anfwerr yea twice, but I will proceed no farther ; Job 40. 3, 4, 5,, And again, Hear Ibefeech thee and Iwill fpeak, Iwill demand ofthee, and declare thoù unto me ; I have heard of' thee by the hearing of the Ear, but now mine Eye feeth thee ; wherefore I abhor my felf,. and repent in duff and afhes, chap. 42. 4, 5, 6. Let any men place themfelves in the Condition wherein now Job was, in the immediate prefence of Gods; Let them attendunto what he really fpeaks unto them in his word, namely, what, they will anfwer unto the Charge that he hath againft them,. and what will bé their bell plea before his Tribunal, that they may be Juftified. I do not believe that any man living bath more encouraging Grounds to plead for an intereft in his own Faith and Obedience in his Juflifrcation before God, then Job had ; although I fuppofe he had not fo much skill td.manage a plea to that purpofe with Scholaftick notions and & lìn- ilions as the Jefuits have. But however, We may be Tar- neflèd with fubtile Arguments and Solutions, I fear, it will not be fafe for us to adventure farther upon God then he durfi to do. There was of old a Dire &ion for the vifitation of the Sick, compòfed as they fay by Anfelrn , and . publifhed by Caj ars s