BT763 O9 1677

14 General Confideration.rprevioufly neceftary Cafp,'rr,as Vlent ergiws, which expreffeth a better fenfe of thefe things titcn fonte Teem tote. convinced of Credifrse te nun pole falvari niIi per mortem Chrifli ? Refpondet inffrmus, Etiam 5 tam elicit illi , Age Ergo dam juperefl in te anima, in hac fola morte fiduciam tuam confiïtue 5 in milla olia re fiduciam habe, huie morti te totano committe, hac fola te totam contege, totani immif e te in hac morte, in hac morte totum te involve. Et fi Dominus te voluerit judicare, Die, Domine, mortem Domini noflri Jet s Chri fli objicio inter me & tuum judicium aliter tecune non contendo. Et e tibi dixerit quia peccator es, die,, mortem Domini nofiri Jet Chri fti pono inter me 6, peccata mea. Si dixerit tibi quod meruifli damnationem 5 die, Domine, mortem Domini nofiri Jefu Chrif i obtendo inter te 6', mala merita mea, ipfiufq; merita oflero pro merito quod ego debuiffem habere nec ha- beo ; /s dixerit quod tibi e fl iratus, die, . Domine, mortem Do- mini Jefu Chrifli oppono inter me & iram twain. That is, Doll thou believe that thou canfl not be Paved but by the death of Chrifl ? The lick man anfwereth, yes 5 then let it be faid unto him 5 Go to then, and whiff thy Soul abideth in thee, pat all thy confidence in this death alone, place thy trufl in no other thing, commit thy felf Wholly to this Death, cover thy Pelf wholly with this alone, cali thy felf wholly on this Death, wrap thy feif wholly in this Death. And if God would judge thee, fay, Lord, I place the Death of our Lord Jefas Chrifi between me and thy judgment ; and otherwife I will not contend, or en- ter into Judgment with thee. And if he (hall fay unto thee, that thou art a (inner, fay, I place the Death of our Lord Je fit's Chri fI between me and my fins. If he (hall fay unto thee, that thou haft deferved damnation 5 fay, Lord, I put the Death of our Lord Jefas Cbrift between thee and all my (,ins; and I offer his merits for my own which I fhould bave, and have not. If he (ay that he is angry with thee, fay, Lord, I place the Death of our Lord Jefm Chrifl between me and thy Anger. Thofe who gave thefe Lire &ions, feem to have been fenfible of what it is to ap-