BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Doctrine, e\c. 2 I íift ; That Enmity unto God even in the mind which enfued thereon that Darhneßwhich our Underflandings were clou- ded yea blinded withall; the Spirituâl Death which paffed on the whole Soul, and total Alienation from the life of God ; that Impotency unto Good, that Inclinati m unto Evil, that Deceitfulnefs of fin, that Power and Efficacy of corrupt Lufts, which the Scripture and Experience fo fully charge on the flare of loft Nature, are reje &ed as empty Notions or Fables. No wonder if fuch Perlons look upon Imputed .Righ- teoufneßas the fhádow of a Dream, who efleem thole things which evidence its neceffity, to be but fond imaginations. And final). hope is there to bring fuch men to value the Righ- teoufnefs of Chrift,- as imputed to them, who are fo -unac- quainted with their own unrighteoufnefs inherent in them. Until men know themfelves better, they will care very little to know'Chrifl at all. Againfi fuch as thefe the Darine of yuf ifeation may be defended, as we are obliged to contend for the Faith once delivered unto the Saints, and as the mouths of Gainfayers are to be flopped. But to endeavour their fatisfa&ion in it, whilft they are under the power of fuch apprehenfions is a vain Attempt. As our Saviour Paid unto them unto whom he had declared the necefhty of Regeneration ; if I have told you Earthly things and you believe not, how (hall ye believe if I tell you heavenly things ? fo may we fay, if men will not be- lieve thole things, whereof it would be marvellous, but that the Reafon of it is known, that they have not an undeniable Evidence and Êxperience in themfelves, -how can they be- lieve thole Heavenly myfteries which refpe& a fuppof tion of that within themfelves, which they will not acknowledge. Hence fome are fo far from any concernment in a perfect .Righteoufneßto be imputed unto them, as that they boaft of a perfection in themfelves. So did the Pelagians of old,, glory of a finlefs perfeion in the fight of Col, even when they were