BT763 O9 1677

2 2 General Confiderations previoufy necefar were convinced of finful mifcarriages in the fight of men, as they are charged by Hierom, lib. 2. Dialog, and by Aught. lib. 2. contra Julian. cap. 8. Such perlons are not Subjec`ta ca- pacia auditionis Evangelice Whilfl men have no fenfe in their own Hearts and Confciences of the fpiritual diforder of their Souls, of the fecret continual a tings of fin with de- ceit and violence, obflruaing" all that is good,- promoting all that is evil, defiling all that is done by them through the lufling of the Flefh againfl the Spirit as contrary unto it, though no outward perpetration of fin nor actual omiffion of Duty do enfue thereon ; who are not engaged in a confiant watchful conffliict againfi the firfi motions of fin, unto whom they ate not the greatefl burden and forrow in this life, cau- fing them to cry out for deliverance from them; who can de- fpife thole who make acknowledgments in their confeffion unto God, of their fence of thefe things, with the Guilt wherewith they are accompanied, will with an affured con- fidence rejeec and contemn what is offered about Juflification through the Obedience and Righteoufnefs of Chrift imputed to us. For no man will be fò fond as to be folicitous of a Righteoufnef that is not his own, who hath at home in a rea- dinefs that which is his own, which will ferve his turn. It is therefore the ignorance of thefe things alone, that can de- lude men into an apprehenfion of their Juflification before. God by their own perfonal Righteoufnefs. For if they were acquainted with them, they would quickly difcern fuch an imperfection in the bell of their Duties, fucha "frequency of finful irregularities in their Minds, and dilorders in their Afef ions, filch an unfuitablenefs in all that they are and do, from the-inward frames of their Hearts unto all their out- ward actions, unto the Greatnefs" and Holinefs of God, as would abate their confidence in placing any Truft in their own Righteoufnefs for their Juflification. By means of thefe and the like prefumptuous conceptions of