BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Vain' ne, &c. 23 of unenlightened minds, the Confciences of men are kept off from being affeted with a due fence of fin, and a ferious con - fideration how they may obtain acceptance before God. Nei- ther the confideration of the fIolinef§ or Terrour of the Lord; nor the feverity of the Law as it indifpenfibly requireth a Righteoufnefs in compliance with its commands; nor the pro - mife of the Gofpel declaring and tendring a Righteoufnefs, the Righteoufnefs of God in anfwer thereunto; nor the un- certainty of their own minds upon Trials and Surprizals, as having nofiable ground of Peace to Anchor on;nor the confront fecret difquietment of their Confciences, if not feared or har- dened through the deceitfulnefs of fin; can prevail withthem whofe thoughts are prepof effed with filch flight conceptions of the Bate and guilt of fin, to fly Pr Refuge unto the only hope that is fet. before them, or really and diftinaly to com- port with the only way of Deliverance and Salvation. Wherefore if we would either teach or learn the Doîlrine of ju f ifèation in a due manner, a clear apprehenfion of the Greatnefi of our Apoftafie from God, a due fente of the Guilt of fin, a deep Experience of its power, all with re- fpect unto the Holinej? and Lan' of God, are neceffary unto us. We have nothing to do in this matter with men who through the Feavor of Pride have loft the Underfiancling of their own miferable condition. For, Natura tic apparet vitiata ut hoc majoris vitij ßt non videre, Auftun. the whole need not the Phyfician but the tick. Thofe who are pricked unto the Heart for fin, and cry out what fall we do to be faxed, will underftand what we have to fày. Againft others we mull defend the Truth as God !hall enable. And it may be made good by all forts of Inftances, That as men rif in their notions about the extenuation of fin, Co they fall in their regard unto the Grace of our Lord Jefus Chrifl And it is no lets true an on the other hand, as Unbeliefworketh in men a difefteem of the Pérf n and P ighteoufnefs of Chrift, they.