BT763 O9 1677

To the Reader. had no other de(ïgn, but only to enquire diligently into the divine Revelation of that way, anrpthofe means with the eaufes of them, whereby the Confrience of a dire ed (leaser may attain affüred . peace with God through our Lord Mira Chri. I lay more weight on the fleady Direelion of one Soul in this enquiry, than in difap- pointing theObjeilions of twenty wrangling or fiery Difjiuters. The gueftion therefore unto this purpofe being Elated, as the Rea- der will find in the beginning of our Difcourfe, although it were neceffary to f end fume time in the Explication of the Doelrtne it fel , and the terms wherein it is ufually taught,yet the main weight oche whole lies in the Interpretation of Scripture Teflimonies, with the Application of them unto the experience of them who do believe, and the fiate of them who feel afterSalvation by Jefus Chrifi. There are therefore force few things that I would detire the. Reader to take notice of, that he may receive benefit by the enfuing Difcourf ê g at leafs, if it be not his own fault, be freed from prejudices againfi it, or a vain oppo f tion unto it. r. Although there are at prefent various contefis about the Do- Urine of yufiification, and many Books publifhed in the .way of controverfie about it 5 yet this Difcourfe was written with no de- fign to contend with or contradiíl any of what fòrt or opinion f - ever. Some few pafiiges which feensof that tendency, are indeed octagonally inferted. But they are _Inch as every candid Reader willjudge to have been neceffary. I have afribed no Opinion un- to any particular Perfon, much lef wrefted the words of any, re- flecrled on their Perfins, cenfured their Abilities, taken advan- tages of prefur ed prejudices againfi them, reprefented their Opi- nions in the deformed RefleCiions of pained Confequences, fan- cied intended notions which their words do not exprefs, nor candidly interpreted give any countenance unto, or endeavoured the vain p leafure of feeming f ccef in oppoftion unto them, which. With the like efiels of weakneßof mind and di(order of aft- %ions, are the animating principles of many late controver tai Writings. To declare and vindicate the Truth unto the Infiu- elion and. Edification of fuch as love it in fincerity, to extricate their