BT763 O9 1677

To the Reader. their minds from thofe difficulties in this particular Inflance, which force endeavour to call on all Gaffe! l myf eries, to dire the Confciences of them that enquire after abiding Peace with God, . and to eflablifh the mincis of them that do believe, are the things I have aimed at. And anEndeavour unto this end, con= l'dering all circurnflances, that Elation which. God bath been pleafèd gracioufly to give me in the Church, bath made necef ary unto me. 2. I have written nothing but what I believe to be true, and ufeful unto the promotion of Gofel Obedience. The Reader may not here expeël an extraction of other mens notions, or a collation and improvement of their Arguments, either by ártifi. dal Reaf Wings, or ornament of Style and Language, but a naked enquiry into the nature of the things treated on, as revealed in the Scripture,and as evidencing themfelves in their power and efficacy on the minds of them that do believe. It k the prailical d ebli- on of the Confciences of men in their application unto God by yefia Chrifl for deliverance from the Curie due unto the Apoflate flate, and Peace with him, with the influence of the way thereof into univerfal Gof el Obedience, that is alone to be deßgned in the handling of this Doctrine. And therefore unto him that would treat of it in a due manner, it is required that he weigh every thing he aferts in his own mind and experience, and not dare to prop ofe that unto others which he cloth not abide by him- fell; in the moll intimate receffes of his mind, under his nearest approaches unto God, in his fiprifals with Dangers, in deep Viet ions, in hispreparations for death, and moll humble Con - templations of the infinite diflance between God and him. Other. Notions and Dif utations about the Doílrine of yufifi ation not feafoned with thefe ingredients, however candited unto the palate of fame by skill and language, are inlipid and ufele f?, im- mediately degenerating into an unprofitable flrife of words. 3. I know that the Doctrine here pleaded for, is charged by many with an unfriendly affleît towards the necelfity of perfonal Flolinej . Good Works, and all Goff el Obedience in general,. yea. utter