BT763 O9 1677

38 General Gonf derationr prevzoiffly necefrary that (ins are blotted out by the mercy of God ;sand therefore we ought to believe that our fins can be pardoned by him alone again whom, alone we have finned ; with whom there is no (in, and by whom alone fins are forgiven.. This is the Faith of men when they c6me to dye, and thofe who are exercifed'with Temptations whilfl they live. Some are hardened in fin, and endeavour to leave this World without thoughts of another. Some are fiupidly ignorant, who neither know nor confider what it is to appear in the prefènce of God, and to be judged by him. Some are fÈdu- ced to place their confidence in merits, pardons, indulgences, and future fuffrages for the dead. But filch as are acquainted with God and themfelves in any f iritual manner, who take a view of the time that is pair, and approaching Eternity, into which they muff enter by the Judgment feat of God, how- ever they may have thought, talked and difputed about their own works and Obedience, looking on Chrifr and his Righ- teoufnefs only to make up Tome fmall defects in themfelves, will come at laft unto an univerfal Renuntiation of what they have been and are, and betake themfelves. unto Chrifr alone for Righteoufnefs or Salvation. And in the whole enfuing Difcourfe I {hall as little as is poffible immix my felf in any curious Scholaflical dilutes. This is the fubfrance of what is pleaded for, that men fhould renounce all confidence in them- (elves, and every thing that may give countenance thereunto; betaking themfelves unto the Grace of God by Chrifr. alone, for Righteoufnefs and Salvation. This God defigneth in the Gófpel, I Cor. T. 29, 30,3 t. and herein whatever difficulties we may meet withall in the Explication of fome Propofitions and Terms that belong unto the Do&rrine of Juftification, about which men have various con eptions, I doubt not ofthe internal concurrent fuffrage of then who know any thing as they ought of God and themfelves. Fifth{ j, . There is in the Scripture reprefented unto us a Cord-