BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Vocirine, &c. 39 Commutation between Chrift and Believers, as unto Sin and Righteoufnefs, that is in the imputation of their fins unto him, and of his Righteoufnefs unto them. In the Improvement and Application hereof unto our o*n Souls, no fmall part of the life and exercife of Faith Both confift. This was taught -the Church of God in offering of the Scope Goat. And Aaron fmall lay his hands on the head of the live Goat, and conferover him all the Iniquities of the Chil- dren of I.frael, and all their Tranf reons in all their Sins, putting them on the head of the Goat ; And the Goat fmall bear upon him all their Iniquities, Levit. 16. 21, 22. Whether this Goat Pent away with this burthen upon him did live, and fo was a Type of the life of Chrift in his Refurre &ion after his Death, or whether he perifh. ed in the Wildernefs being cart down the precipice of a Rock by him that conveyed him away as the Jews fùppofe; it is generally acknowledged, that what was done tó him and with him, was only a Réprefenta- tion of what wasdone really in the Perron of Jefus Chrift. And Aaron did not only confefs the ,fins of the People over the Goat, but he alto put them all on his head, ®11t4 ¡mt nvtv7 twti -577 and hefhallgive them all to be on the head of the Goat in anfwer whereunto it is faid that he bare them all upon him. This he did by virtue of the divine Inftitution, wherein was a ratification of what was done. He did not transfufe fin from one fubje& into another, but transferred the Guilt of it from one to another. And to evidence this Tranflation of fin from the People unto the Sacrifice in his con- feffion, he put and fixed both his hands on his head. Thence the Jews fay, that all Ifrael was made as innocent on the day of Expiation as they were in the day of Creation. From ver. 30. Wherein they came fhort of perfè&ion or confummation thereby the Apoftle declares, Heb. io. But this is the lan- guage of every Expiatory Sacrifice, quod in ejes caput (it let the. Guilt be on hip. Hence the Sacrifice it felf was-cal- led