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{.o General conf derationsprevìoufly,neeef ary led rmor t and =Vra Sin and Guilt, Levit. 4. 2 A. And therefore where there was an uncertain Murther, and none could be found that was liable to punifhment thereof],: that Guilt might not come upon the Land, nor the Sin be . imputed unto the whole People, an Heifer was to be (lain by the Elders of the City that was next unto the place where the Murder was committed, to take away the Guilt of it, Dent. 21. z, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. But whereas this was only-a mo- ral Reprefentation of the punifhment due to Guilt, and no Sacrifice, the Guilty perfon being not known.; thofe who flew the Heifer did not put their hands on him, fo to trans- fer their own guilt to him, but wafhed their hands over hint, to declare their perfonal innocency. By thefe means as in all other Expiatory Sacrifices, did God inftruEt the Church in the transferring of the Guilt of (in, unto him who was to bear all their Iniquities, with their Difcharge and f uftification. thereby. So God laid on Chrifl the Iniquities of to all, that by his Stripes we might be healed, Ifa. 53. 5, 6. Our Iniquity was laid on him, and he bare it, ver. i I. and through his bearing of it, we are freed from it. His Stripes are our healing, our fin was his, imputed unto hint, his merit is ours, imputed unto -us. He was made 7ñ for us, who knew no fin, that we might become the Righteoufnef of God in him, 2 .Cor. 5. 21. This is that Commutation I mentioned, He was made fin for us, we are made the Righteoufnef of God in him; God not imputing tin unto us, ver. 19. but imputing Righteoufnefs unto us, doth it on this Ground alone, That he was made (in for to. And if by his being made fin, only his being made a Sacrifice for fin is intended, it is to the fame purpofe. For the. formal Rea- l-on of any thing being made an Expiatory Sacrifice, was the Imputation of fin unto it by Divine Inftitution. The fame pis expreffed by the fame Apoftle, Rom.8.3,4. Godfeat his own Son is the likened: of finfial flefi, and for (in condemned fin in the flefh,