BT763 O9 1677

To the Reader. utterly to take it away. So it was at the fi'rfl clear Revelation of it by the Apoftle Paul, as he frequently. declares. But it is fuf}ì- cienty evinced by him to be the chief principle of, and motive unto all that Obedience which is accepted with God through Jefus Chrift, as we (hall manifeft afterwards. However it is acknow- ledged that the objective Grace of the Gofpel in the Doctrine of it, is liable to abut, where there is nothing of the fubjective Grace of it in the Hearts of men ; and the ways of its influence into the Life of God, are uncouth unto the Reafonings of carnal minds. So was it charged by the Papifis at the frrft Reformation, and continueth yet fo to be. Yet as it gave the Aft occation unto the Reformation it felf, Jai was it that whereby the Souls of men being fit at liberty from their bondage unto innumerable fuperfti- Lions fears and obférvances, utterly incontinent with true (Gofiel Obedience, and directed into the ways of Peace with God through jefus Chrifi, were made fruitful in real Holinefs, and to abound in all thojé blej /d effects of the Life of God which were never found among their Advertries. The fame charge was afterwards "renewed by the Socinians, and continueth frill to be managed by them. But I fuppofe wife and impartial men will not lay much weight on their Accufations, until they have manifefled the efficacy of their contrary perfwafion by better efjéEts and f slits than yet they have done. What fòrt of men they were who firft coined that fyfieme of Religion which they adhere unto, one who knew them well enough, and fufficiently enclined unto their Antitrinitarian Opinions, declares in one of the Queries that he propofed unto Socinus him /f and his followers. If this faith he, be the truth ja hi ch you contend whence comes it to paß that it is decla- red only by perfons, nulla pietatis commendation, nullo lau- dato prioris vitæ exemplo commendatos ; imo ut plerumq; videmus, per vagabundos, & contentionum zeli carnalis ple- nos hommes, alios ex caíiris, aulis,ganeis, prolatam effe. Scru- pull ab excellenti.viro propofiti,inter oper. Socin. Thefierceft, al arge of loch men againft any Doc`lrines they oppofe as inconti- nent with the necefjary motives unto Godlinefs; are a Recom- mendation